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Live Dance Events have Returned

For Everyone's Safety - Please get Vaccinated!

Next Dance - Indy Dancers - Saturday Oct 2rd, 2021


From Don Mindach I.D. Pres:


We come to dance events for fun, and to socialize with other dancers and meet new people. It is not fun to have to worry about the risks of Covid-19. The safest thing of all is to hold events where the everyone has taken the best possible precautions to protect the "dance community".

All the masking, social distancing, or natural immunity do not equal the protection the dance Clubs acquires by having the all members immunized. If everyone attending is protected there is nothing to worry about, and we can have all the fun we desire.

To protect us all we are calling all Dancers and Clubs to get all members vaccinated before they attend any events. There really is no excuse to risk the health of us all! Even if you have had Covid-19, get your shot so we all feel  safer.



Don Mindach

CDC gives this example of a dance group that chose to ignore warnings and held an event:

Covid-19 Warning -- BBC Video

Covid-19 Free Dances!

D. Mindach

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"Just for the fun of it" - Since 1983